B&D as an employer

B&D as an employer

Looking for your career next step in Data or Digital?

We are always looking for experienced profiles that are willing to use their past experiences to find better way in delivering projects and are eager to learn and take on new challenges. Business & Decision not only offers interesting missions and the possibility to work with the newest technologies but also, we value the importance of continuous learning throughout the entire career of our consultants. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are the basis of our success. Do you also want to be part of this innovative and challenging environment? Apply now

Shift forward and make a new career move: join Business & Decision Benelux!

What we do

Business & Decision is a global management, strategy consulting and systems integration group solving business problems through Digital Transformation. As a leader in Digital Customer Experience and Data & Analytics, we leverage a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects and help out clients break through barriers to innovation and business transformation.

Business & Decision is serving both Public & Private sector clients enabling customers to drive their business strategy and improve customer experience through effective use & insight to their customer data. Clients choose Business & Decision as their strategic Data & Analytics partner due to our expertise, core values, quality of service & our passion for delivery.


Experienced Candidates

Business & Decision differentiates by focusing on an expertise in data & digital; our consultants are real experts in their domain and constantly striving towards innovative knowledge development.

For your career it means that you will be able to focus on expert projects, innovation and collaboration to grow. We have 4 different career paths: technical, business, Data Science and project management. These career paths help you to grow inside the company from level to level.

  1. In the technical path you grow from Application developer to technical expert
  2. In the business path you grow from Functional analyst to business expert
  3. In the data science path you grow from Data analyst to Data scientist expert
  4. In the project management path you grow from PMO, via project management to program management

For our experienced consultants this development will be additionally supported by other consultancy tasks like presales, coaching and client intimacy.

Young graduates

Are you looking for a place to start your career in an innovative and dynamic environment? You found the right place for you!

If you are passionate about new technologies, data and digital transformation, Business&Decision offers you the best opportunities to develop your skills in this direction. You will join a team of consultants with different profiles and you will become a B&D representative at the client side. All this thanks to trainings, hands-on experiences and coaching from senior consultants and managers.

Business & Decision's  strategy focuses on the development of consultant skills in order to reach their professional ambitions and objectives. Interesting missions, learning and development opportunities, competitive salaries and flexible rewards are equally important to reach this goal. Therefore, by joining Business&Decision, you will have: 

Performance Management

  • 1. Auto Evaluation

    The consultant auto-evaluates his/her work in comparison with set of competencies proposed in the competence matrix.

  • 2. Career interests

    In this section, the consultant is invited to explain his/her mission, which are his/her interests and motivation for the next year.

  • 3. Management feedback

    The auto-evaluation of the competencies will receive a final score from the manager/evaluator and will be communicated to the consultant during the review.

  • 4. The Career Development Passport (CDP)

    The CDP summarizes the decisions and commitments the consultant and the manager/evaluator have taken together during the review process. They will be translated in Personal Development Objectives (PDO).

Your performance at Business & Decision will be evaluated in an ongoing process characterized by the values we believe in; it’s focused on mentoring & coaching with an entrepreneurial flavor where manager – consultant proximity stays central. You will receive feedback from your manager on a regular basis in one to one meetings where you are able to discuss your personal development, these discussions are bundled in a more formal evaluation once a year. It is a key moment for the consultant and the management to take the time to discuss about the work done the past year: the success stories and the tasks/aptitudes asking support and/or development. And an ideal moment to look forward: The workload, tasks and objectives foreseen for the next year and the link with the career interests, the current situation: missions & clients and the career development support.

First Months

  • 1

    Introduction day with explanation on the company, the tools, handover assets, get to know your colleagues

  • 2

    Set up your professional B&D cv, fill in newcomer’s survey

  • 3

    Discuss your professional aspirations with your manager during the review of the newcomer’s survey

  • 4

    Presentation potential interviews, interview preparation and client interviews

  • 5

    Training period: follow internal, external and e-courses in line with your career path, combined with potential projects

  • 6

    Projects at the client side, coaching from senior consultants and teamwork with valuable Business & Decision colleagues