Doing our bit so you can do yours...

Business & Decision is committed to making a positive contribution to society. Throughout the year, we organize events and participate in various projects helping educational, environmental and non-profit organizations convert simple and positive ideas into concrete actions for the benefit of everyone.

These actions are important for our employees, our society and our planet. We are dedicated to building a community whose core values are respect, compassion and equality. We encourage our clients, our employees and our partners to be more responsible in life.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Business & Decision

Business & Decision is a certified Top Employer in Belgium. This means that we are recognized among a select group of companies which build a positive working environment for their staff, as well as being a valuable and responsible partner for their clients and partners.

Business & Decision initiates projects as well as supports the initiatives of employees to create real value for our customers, employees, and partners. Everyone is included from the managing director down. He, like everyone is an Office Hero (as our employees are called), and regularly participates in data boot camps and thought-leadership initiatives, such as Race for the Cure, and other activities hosted by charities, social projects, and the not-for-profit sector.

B&D CSR-supported Projects

"Save Your Hood" Summercamp
In August 2018, B&D sponsored 'Let’s Go Digital' Sumer Camps. This organization brought together  20 youngsters aged from 15 to 25 from X to do Y with the result of Z.

Young Potential Boostcamp
B&D’s very own CEO, Ada Sekirin participated in Orange’s Young Potential Boostcamp. The Young Potential Boostcamp was setup by Ingrid Gonnissen, Orange’s CEO, with the objective of increase female participation in the ICT industry.

 Race for the cure 
On your marks, set, go! B&D regularly participates in world’s largest event to support breast cancer research and prevention. It is organised by Think Pink! and involves a walk of 3 km or a run of 6 km.

College Lectures
B&D presented “Artifical Intellgience: Cognitive Computing and Chatbots!” to a group of enthusiastic and future data geeks at Odisee University College in Gent, Belgium

Supporting #YOUCA action day. 
One day when 15,000 young people around Belgium came together to raise money for projects dedicated to supporting young-people initiatives around the world. In 2018, B&D’s donated € X towards the Trias project in El Salvador in Central America.  

  Corporate Relay for Life 
B&D Office Heroes are a busy bunch, they still found time to run for 24 hours straight in the Relay for Life organised by the Belgian Cancer Society (Stichting Tegen Kanker).

 International women's day 
As part of international women’s day, Business & Decision gives the spotlight to its heroines.

B&D New Years Event
Work hard, play hard. As FUN is part of our values, we like to celebrate and share the joy of new year with our employees. 

Fair Trade Drinks
 Our company believes social responsibility reaches far beyond our internal efforts. To push our initiatives further, all our fridges consist of 50% fair trade juices and lemonades. Together, we can make changes!

Knowledge Information Sharing Session (KISS)

We like to promote eternal leaning and stimulate curiousness within our employees. Therefore, we have Knowledge Information Sessions (KISS) a few times a year where any employee can present a subject in his/her field of expertise for other to enjoy and discuss.

Office Heroes
At least two times a year, we give our employees & peers the opportunity to enjoy a nice drink with a bite at the coolest afterwork party in Brussels. Our Office Heroes are sure to have a great time catching up with different animations and themes at each session.

To promote health & good eating habits, employees of all offices have fruit baskets at their disposal. Renewed 3 times a week to make sure everyone gets a chance for their favorite.

Collaboration is key
Our new organizational structure,  good leadership is the basis for fruitfully working together within a company!

World diversity day 2019
At B&D Benelux we understand the importance of cultural diversity and harmony. Working with 26 different nationalities is the driving force of our business development, worldwide growth and success!

B&D Wellnest
Employee well-being is one of our top priorities! For this reason the Wellnest program was created. A tailor made well-being program to increase the health, satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

 Digitalization of files
Paper is overrated! Therefore, we have
digitalized our invoicing process as well
as all HR files. This saves approximately
1 full cupboard per year in paper waste.

Clean & Green
Our cleaning partner Pro-clean uses almost exclusively eco-friendly products for our offices. Preferably they have an official eco label.

 Leave your car at home
At Business & Decision we encourage employees to come to the office by bike thanks to a safe bike parking in the building and giving them the opportunity to buy a bike through your cafeteria plan (Beeflex).

As cars evolve, so do we!
B&D is “cleaning” up its fleet. We push towards hybrid cars and are removing the vehicles which are too polluting. For the same reason, family vehicles (like mini vans) are only given to people with at least 3 kids to avoid bigger pollution without valid reason.

  Public transport
To stimulate the use of public transport B&D refunds your pass, tickets, …
However, this also means you need to agree to a reduced car mileage.

Would you notice?
Our office supplies have been replaced by eco-friendly counterparts. From recycled and naturally whitened paper to whiteboard markers without alcohol or other chemical solutions, we have it all!