Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement Challenge...

Business & Decision explores how to improve customer engagement by building and optimizing websites and mobile apps, improving service centre operations, implementing or improving CRM systems, managing marketing campaigns, and providing insights into customer behaviour. Meaningful data and deeper understanding of the customer’s ‘digital journey’ also helps companies identify new clients and markets using digital touch points on how to sell more.

Total Experience is all about ensuring a proactive, personalized and frictionless overall experience for customers. Today, Data & Digital are driving the Total Experience as they capture more and more touch points across different silos to gather a complete customer profile improving the overall experience.

Business & Decision can support you at the different steps of your digital journey for a fully successful Total Experience.


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Companies are facing a big automation gap with their enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation or HR solution…) that can be filled with Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP). LCAP offer strong advantages over traditional enterprises, they aim at increasing user productivity and experience by delivering intuitively designed apps, replacing and automating manual processes, bringing insights and knowledge together on the spot, so that users can take the right decision. 

Business & Decision supports companies in turning their ambitions into automation fast with our PowerLAB approach, we mobilize multidisciplinary teams to help you to ideate, develop prototypes and roll out to achieve companywide ROI.

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Customer Engagement and CRM Roadmaps

Are you a CxM that is responsible for driving customer experience, sales and loyalty at scale? With our customer engagement assessment and roadmap, we advice on cross channel best practices and translate this into an actionable plan. Our approach combines dozens inspirational best practices with efficient co-creation formats to deliver tangible outcomes. It covers improvement initiatives across channels, data, content, KPI’s and digital ecosystems. In the the resulting recommendations we separate the quick wins from the more strategic improvements, all combined in an agile roadmap.


CRM & Smart Contact Center Implementation

Out-of-the-box customer relations management systems often miss the point. Once you have selected your CRM system it has to be aligned with your internal process or vice versa. This is a good moment to revise internal processes and prepare for change management. When your CRM has been implemented for some time, it is also good practice to evaluate how it is being used so you can optimize and further fine-tune it in line with real needs and expectations. We have a strong track record implementing CRM technologies for sales and marketing, helping our clients roll out or optimize their CRM systems. For implementation of smart contact centers, our solutions standardize & streamline contact center operations, providing continuous insights for further improvement. In addition we leverage customer 360° data and integrate with contact center infrastructure or chatbots to improve experience for both customer and agent.

Campaign Management Implementation

As one of the first BeNeLux companies to implement marketing automation platforms Business & Decision has developed a keen strength and proven success in integrating these solutions into its clients marketing ecosystems. These solutions make it possible to connect to your prospects and customers leveraging the available data and bring personalized campaigning at scale. They deliver  marketing efficiency across countries and channels by automating both customer journeys and marketing programs.

Real-time Omnichannel Personalization

By engaging with your customers and visitors at the right moment with the right offer via the right channel, your personalized actions will gain a higher return on investment. In addition, as the communication is tailored to individual desires, it generates higher levels of satisfaction and strengthens brand loyalty. Our solutions automate balancing customer intent with marketing objectives. They capture real-time signals and combine with enterprise data to bring to best personalized experience at the best moment. The Business & decisions team of digital experts helps you every step of the way to achieve your strategic goals from the start to the finish.

Conversational Bots and Virtual Assistants

Handling queries and frequently asked questions (FAQ) from internal and external customers and users is time-consuming and complex. Companies like to think that a technical fix is enough, but the problem is often about how people interact with these technological changes. Virtual assistants can be a great help when implemented correctly into operational workflows. FAQ chatbots benefiting from artificial intelligence (AI) or neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are a cost-effective example of how technology can boost operational efficiency by taking away repetitive questions and tasks. We guide clients through the entire implementation process: tools/platform selection, implementation, project management and change management, knowledge management, integration and proper maintenance of their new ‘virtual’ employees.

Engaging Websites, Digital Commerce and Apps

With today’s digital challenges, it is not enough to have just a digital presence. In this highly competitive and technology-driven era, how do you convert prospects into customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers? B&D has a dedicated team to do just that. We design a new website, a mobile app, or both, which unites your online presence and strengthens your brand through an engaging and dynamic experience supported by tailored content to meet today’s demanding consumers and users. Our team helps you set the tone to bring out your brand’s personality, engage your target audience, and build brand loyalty. We help you achieve the best results defined in your business strategy. Our success is your success.