Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Data has become the new gold for digital-smart companies looking to add value and flourish on the market. But to take full advantage of today’s data revolution, companies need to find better ways to use and enrich all of their available data – keeping in mind relevant legal, practical and customer-related concerns.

Business & Decision’s consulting team helps our customers in both defining and ultimately reaching their goals. Our professionals offer diverse expertise to help build lasting bridges between our clients’ business and IT activities.

Project Management

Delivery management and delivery excellence are Business & Decision fundamentals. Our experienced project managers (PM team) are more than consultants; they are your partners ensuring everything runs smoothly. By applying industry best practices and the latest methodologies, from Agile to Waterfall, our team applies a bit of magic to transform your requirements into a realistic and feasible plan delivering top-quality results on time, on target and within budget.

Security Governance & Data Protection

Do your customers trust your brand with their data? Business & Decision blends security consulting with legal expertise, business process modelling and data science so you can answer that question with a confident 'yes'. B&D experts help you make better business decisions which comply with the latest regulatory requirements and benefit from state-of-the-art intelligence on risk transparency and security. With B&D services and solutions, sound information management includes security elements embedded into everyday processes at all levels of your enterprise to improve your risk-rating and help you earn and keep your customers long-term trust.

Risk & Finance

Business & Decision provides risk and financial services to growing companies in search of operational efficiency. Thanks to end-to-end data management, B&D offers a value-based proposition through financial modelling, internal and external risk management solutions and change management expertise. Our team of skilled experts covers your credit risk, market risk, fraud risk, asset and liability management (ALM), counter-party risk, reporting and visualization needs. With B&D’s risk and financial consultants, you know that you are in safe hands.

Customer engagement

Your customers are everywhere. They expect to have direct access to your products and services any time, anywhere and through all major channels. And they expect you to provide personalized and pertinent experience at all times. Business & Decision brings omni-channel solutions to help you – our client – meet the growing and changing demands of your clients. By harvesting your customers’ data and interactions, B&D experts help you to define a scalable digital marketing package tailored to your customer’s individual needs. Implementing a B&D omni-channel ecosystem helps you to meet your objectives and optimize your digital marketing for maximum return on investment.

Business Process Solutions

In this era of digital transformation, companies like yours have to deal with complex challenges as you try to deliver the best products and services to your customers and achieve your goals. Business & Decision understands that the constant need to optimize your entire business process, while keeping a cool head and not losing sight of the company’s needs and priorities, can be tiring and difficult. Our highly qualified and well-trained team helps your company leverage the best digital solutions and business processes to manage the complexity and meet your targets.